Reed Diffusers Are A Fragrance Game Changer!

Are you a reed diffuser enthusiast?  We've recently added a new reed diffuser to our inventory, a round silver vessel with natural rattan reeds.  (Click HERE to see the listing).  Honestly, for some reason, when I've encountered reed diffusers in the past, wasn't the biggest fan.  Through lack of exposure, I just never came across one that had a quality fragrance, or that was maintained properly. For that reason, we're really taking our time rolling out new fragrances in this product.  It's important to us that they perform well. Through a lot of trial and error, we've created a reed diffuser for our customers that made believers out of us!

The silver vessel is gorgeous and goes with so many home decor concepts. They say every room needs a little bit of bling, and this little vessel is it, neutral and so versatile!  We would really like to add other vessels in the future such as the clear ones which have their own dressed-down appeal.

The first fragrance that I tried because it seemed very suitable for a reed diffuser, was "Spa Therapy". It's a cheerful, fresh and clean, energizing fragrance that I didn't think I would get tired of smelling every day. After testing it for several months, I found that the scent was quite long-lasting. It was very strong for two months, and kept on going right up to three and even longer at a lower level. This is a 5-ounce reed diffuser bottle, and that is right on target with what we expected.

We continue to test other fragrances, but I have to say for me personally right now, "Spa Therapy" is definitely a favorite. What type of fragrance would you like to see in a reed diffuser?  We love getting customer feedback, and really appreciate it when you message us letting us know what you like.

Sometimes people ask, what are the advantages of reed diffusers as opposed to other scented products?  Reed diffusers are great for adding continual scent to a smaller space such as a powder room, foyer, or anywhere really that you want a little burst of fragrance all the time.  They are a fantastic flame-free  and heat/electricity-free option, which is reassuring to many people who aren't in a position to monitor a candle. They really help to make a great first impression in an entryway.  Also, I hate to bring up a taboo topic, but who doesn't want a bathroom that smells fresh all the time?

I love the fact that I can just set up the diffuser and forget about it for a week or so. I do like to flip the reeds every so often to keep things going with the fragrance. That brings up setup and maintenance, important to consider if you want your diffuser to perform at a desirable level.

Each set comes with 10 reeds and it is up to you how many you want to use at once.  If you are sensitive to fragrance and are worried about being overwhelmed, I would suggest starting out with maybe three reeds, allowing them a day or so to absorb plenty of the oil, and then decide if you want to add more.  I personally love ALOT of fragrance, so I just put them all in at once.  Woo hoo!  I just go for it!  That's pretty much it... You can add or remove reeds to suit your preference and flip them when you think it's necessary.

What don't you want to do?  Well, you don't want children or pets to be in contact with your reed diffuser. Very important. Also, use care not to spill the liquid inside when handling the vessel because that liquid can damage surfaces.  So, even when flipping the reeds use caution, because there will be liquid on the end of them as you turn them. I feel silly for saying this, but I see it on caution labels, DON'T SET FIRE TO YOUR REEDS! LOL.  Remember, this is a FLAME-FREE product!  Also, do not ingest the liquid.

I guess that just about covers reed diffusers.  Don't forget, we do offer a refill kit ( click HERE to see the listing)

which is great if you want to refill with the same fragrance.  It saves a little and allows you to recycle the silver vessel which is great for many uses! We don't recommend using the same vessel for a different fragrance refill, because we can't guarantee the old scent won't linger and not smell very nice at all blended with the new one.

If you already love one of our fragrances that we don't have listed as a reed diffuser and would like us to test it before you buy, just send us a PM, and as long as we feel it would be suitable for the product, we would be happy to test it for you!




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