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If you are already working as an influencer/affiliate marketer or just want to make some extra income, apply here to join Kinsey's Candles as one of our marketing partners.

We will review your application to see if we are a good match, and if approved, e-mail you our simple agreement, and a logo/photo package for you to promote on social media in addition to your individual discount code.  When we see a sale made with your code we will Paypal or Venmo 10% of the order amount before tax and shipping to you. We may, at our discretion, offer a percentage increase based on sales every six months.

Your subscribers or people who purchase as a result of your efforts will receive 10% off their first purchase and you will receive 10% off on unlimited purchases.

Complete the form below and please include all your social media addresses and website if applicable for us to review. Include any info on why you think your sponsorship of Kinsey's Candles would be mutually beneficial.

Thanks and we look forward to hopefully partnering with you!

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