Maker's Notes

  • Kinsey's Candles Newsletter August 2023

    Hi, it's Deborah...  We wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who has purchased our candles either through the website or through one of our ...
  • Luxury Candle Pricing

    Let's talk price on luxury candles... When I first started out, I really had no intention of taking things this far, I just wanted to make an affor...
  • Fragrance Intensity (Scent Throw) And Our Philosophy

    Scent Throw - The overall intensity or "strength" of a candle fragrance. How fragrant is it? Cold Throw - The intensity or "strength" of a candle f...
  • How COVID Changed The Way We Do Things

    Hello!  Thank you for dropping in to read our post discussing COVID and how it impacted our business.  Many times we've been sure customers have wo...
  • Reed Diffusers Are A Fragrance Game Changer!

    Are you a reed diffuser enthusiast?  We've recently added a new reed diffuser to our inventory, a round silver vessel with natural rattan reeds.  (...

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