Meet The Makers


Hi there fellow fragrance lovers!  We're so happy to be able to share some of our favorite creations with you and hope that our scented products bring you as much enjoyment as they do our family.

We officially started Kinsey's Candles in 2019 under CELR Enterprises, which is an acronym with special meaning to us.  My husband, Mike Rich and I, Deborah Kinsey, are a husband and wife team. We were full throttle into this hobby when a lot of great feedback and requests convinced us that it was time to share our passion with everyone else! 

That led us on a fun journey to perfect each product through careful fragrance selection and testing. We've met many amazing people and repeat customers along the way who we appreciate very much! 

Based in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, we love our customers, beach life, our family, and the discovery and development of awesome fragrances! Each order and positive review are so important and exciting for us! Thank you so much for supporting our small business and our dreams.

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